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Big 5 Animals

Which are the Big 5 Animals? Why are they Called so?

Which are the big five African animals and why are they called such? If you have never had answers for this question then this article is perfect for you because it has all the facts and information about these so called Big 5 animals (also…

Age Limit for Gorilla Tracking
Why is Uganda called the Pearl of Africa

Why is Uganda called the Pearl of Africa?

Throughout my birth and tens of thousands of days in school, i have long known Uganda as the pearl of Africa but unfortunately never got a clear answer to this till now. There are so many contradictory stories on the internet today about the exact…

Cheap flights / Air Tickets to Uganda

How to Find Cheap flights / Air Tickets to Uganda

So many people visit Uganda annually but not everyone has the capacity to afford expensive flights / buy expensive flight tickets to Uganda and for that reason, they try so hard to look for cheaper alternatives which isn’t easy to get especially if you are…

Most Visited / Popular National Parks in Uganda

5 Most Popular National Parks in Uganda

Uganda currently has 10 national parks dispersed in various regions of the country with Murchison Falls National Park appearing as the biggest of all and Lake Mburo emerging as the smallest. Not all these parks are frequently visited and some of them like Mt. Elgon…

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Best place to see Mountain Gorillas

Best Place to see Mountain Gorillas in Africa

Which is the best place to see Mountain Gorillas? In other words, where can you see mountain gorillas in the world? Of course the first place that will run into your mind is Africa, but question is where in Africa exactly should you go gorilla…

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