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How to Meet a Gorilla

Best Place to see Mountain Gorillas in Africa

Which is the best place to see Mountain Gorillas? In other words, where can you see mountain gorillas in the world? Of course the first place that will run into your mind is Africa, but question is where in Africa exactly should you go gorilla…

Yellow Fever Vaccination
Are Gay or Lesbian tourists allowed to visit Uganda

Are Gay or Lesbian tourists allowed to visit Uganda?

Are Gay or Lesbians allowed to visit Uganda for a safari? Uganda condemns homosexuality BUT as a tourist, you are unlikely to face any penalties since you are in the country for a short time unlike normal travelers who intend to reside in the country…

Uganda safe for Indians

Is Uganda safe for Indians?

Is Uganda safe for Indians? Are you an Indian planning to travel to Uganda for a safari, holiday, honeymoon, visit or rather work but worried about your safety in the country? Uganda is a very safe country for Indians and everyone else and you shouldn’t…

Uganda safe for Americans

Is Uganda safe for Americans?

Despite being a safe country, is Uganda safe for Americans? So many Americans get worried about their safety in the country BUT truth is, we may defer or contradict in laws but when it comes to hospitality, no one is unsafe in Uganda. Even the…

Malaria in Uganda

Malaria in Uganda, Prophylaxis & Prevention

Uganda being a tropical country implicates chances of getting malaria whilst on your stay. Fact is the rate of malaria in Uganda was high in the past but has seen a sudden drop lately because of several improvements in the health sector. Despite the reduced…

Map of Mountain Gorillas in Africa

Uganda Gorilla Permits

Gorilla permits are cards issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority that authorizes tourists to trek mountain gorillas in the wilderness of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Uganda Gorilla Permits are classified in a way that each issue guarantees you a visit to…