Car Rental in Uganda

Car Rental in Uganda

Looking for the best car rental Uganda services? Renting 4×4 cars in Uganda can save you lots of money on your safaris since you will not need services of a tour guide or pay a tour operator mark up charge. You will be driving by yourself and visiting destinations that…

How to Meet a Gorilla

How to Meet a Gorilla in Africa (Ultimate Guide)

Do you want to meet a gorilla in the wild? Planning a gorilla tour is not so hard as many think. I will show you the step by step guide on how you can meet African gorillas. Mountain Gorillas are only found in three countries and no where else in…

Budget Gorilla Trekking

Budget Gorilla Trekking: Best Way to Plan & Book

Want to experience budget gorilla trekking? Choosing the best budget gorilla tour operators in Uganda or Rwanda is one big step to this. Sometimes you have to cut costs so that your gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo don’t strain your pockets so much. This is where budget…

check Rwanda gorilla permits online

How to Check Availability of Rwanda Gorilla Permits & Book Online

Want to check availability or book Rwanda gorilla permits online? Rwanda has simplified things for everyone including tourists. Much as it is possible to check Rwanda permits availability online and purchase them using your credit card, i would still advise you delegate this process to a trusted Rwanda tour operator….

Luxury Gorilla Trekking

Luxury Gorilla Trekking: A Flawless Experience

Elevating your gorilla safaris to a state of great elegance will leave a mark in your soul. Also referred to as Abercrombie and Kent gorilla trekking, a luxury gorilla trekking experience is one you can hardly forget. Considering mountain gorillas are only found in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo, you can…

Wildlife Animals to See in Uganda

Top 24 Wildlife Animals to See in Uganda

Looking for top wildlife animals to see in Uganda? Sometimes when you are planning your travel, you have a check list of animals that you would want to see. This helps you plan better else you will end up travelling to a country to see the same animals you saw…

Can you Go Gorilla Trekking when Pregnant

Can you Go Gorilla Trekking when Pregnant

Can you go on a safari when pregnant? I have seen many kinds of people trek gorillas. These include the handicapped, the lame and many more. So how about pregnant mothers? Can women go for gorilla trekking when pregnant? I will try to talk about the possibility, the risks involved…

How do gorillas adapt to the environment

How do gorillas adapt to the environment

Gorilla adaptations¬†are a bit different. How does a gorilla adapt to its environment? Mountain Gorillas are¬†herbivores and survive mainly by eating plants and fruits. Mountain Gorillas share over 98% of human DNA. They can be found in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park,…

Lifespan of Gorillas

Lifespan of Gorillas: How long do Gorillas Live?

Gorillas have species and each specie lives in a distinct environment. Each specie lives up to a certain age hence, the lifespan of gorillas vary according to the specie. So how long do gorillas live? Just like humans, gorillas have to die at one point. They are also prone to…

Check Uganda Gorilla Permits Availability Online

Check Uganda Gorilla Permits Availability Online

Do you want to check availability of Uganda gorilla permits online and book them as you plan your trip? If you want to visit gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park then you will need a Uganda gorilla permit. These permits are sold by Uganda Wildlife Authority on first come first…