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Uganda Gorilla trekking Review / Guide

Best Uganda gorilla trekking guide: Uganda is one of the two finest places in the whole world for mountain gorilla trekking, reason why thousands of tourists fly in year in – year out for encounters with mountain gorillas. I must say gorilla trekking is the most selling tourism activity in…

Why is Uganda called the Pearl of Africa

Why is Uganda called the Pearl of Africa?

Throughout my birth and tens of thousands of days in school, i have long known Uganda as the pearl of Africa but unfortunately never got a clear answer to this till now. There are so many contradictory stories on the internet today about the exact person that came up with…

Cheap flights / Air Tickets to Uganda

How to Find Cheap flights / Air Tickets to Uganda

So many people visit Uganda annually but not everyone has the capacity to afford expensive flights / buy expensive flight tickets to Uganda and for that reason, they try so hard to look for cheaper alternatives which isn’t easy to get especially if you are not so informed about the…

Most Visited / Popular National Parks in Uganda

5 Most Popular National Parks in Uganda

Uganda currently has 10 national parks dispersed in various regions of the country with Murchison Falls National Park appearing as the biggest of all and Lake Mburo emerging as the smallest. Not all these parks are frequently visited and some of them like Mt. Elgon National Park are on the…

Uganda Safaris Review
Uganda Tourism Industry

Low Seasons & High Seasons in the Uganda Tourism Industry

Despite it’s tropical climate, Uganda has always been an all year round destination with two rainy seasons in a year. The first season, which is the one with the heaviest rainfall begins in early march and stretches up to June where as the second with less rainfall begins from around…

How to Make Safe and Secure Payments for your Uganda Safari

Trusting a company you have never visited in person with thousands of dollars isn’t something simple but because of a few reasons, we trust the company and believe we are dealing with people who will indeed emphasize on delivering the services we have paid for. In this article, i don’t…

Guide for Booking a Memorable Safari in Uganda

Which is the Best Place for Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is one of those destinations in Africa that every traveler would very much love to visit for a wildlife viewing experience. Despite majority of the safaris being dominated by gorilla activities, almost every itinerary for a trip has either one or multiple wildlife viewing activities in respective national parks….

Best place to see Mountain Gorillas

Best Place to see Mountain Gorillas in Africa

Which is the best place to see Mountain Gorillas? In other words, where can you see mountain gorillas in the world? Of course the first place that will run into your mind is Africa, but question is where in Africa exactly should you go gorilla trekking? Currently there are two…