Olive Baboons in Uganda

Olive Baboons in Uganda

Scientifically referred to as Papiocynocephalus anubis, Olive baboons are one of the common sights you will see in game parks and similar areas. These baboons have are large with a dog face. They are very intelligent and artful.

They have a wide array of vocalization sounds. The often grunt, scream and bark depending on the kind of situation they are in. They also possess some gestures that are not vocal. These include smacking their lips, yawning and shrugging their shoulders.

Characteristics of an Olive Baboon

  • They can grow up to 30 inches at shoulder level.
  • They can weigh up 100 pounds.
  • Their maximum life span is 30 years.
  • They mainly live in Savannah and Woodland habitats.
  • They are Omnivorous
  • Their gestation period is six months
  • They are very intelligent and crafty


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