Patas Monkeys in Uganda

Patas Monkeys in Uganda

Want to see Patas Monkeys in Uganda? Do you have them on your list? Well, its possible to see them but it will take you some bit of luck as their sight is uncommon.

Visiting Murchison Falls National Park will somehow increase your chances of seeing these Ugandas primates.

Scientifically referred to as Erythrocebus patas, The Patas Monkey known to be the fasted running ape running at a speed of 56 kilometers per hour. It is the only species listed in the genus erythrocebus.

These Monkeys love living on the ground and like avoiding large woodlands. They prefer wandering around Savannah plains and semi desert areas.

They are found in East and Western Africa. In Uganda, the best place to see them is Murchison falls National Park. Queen Elizabeth National Park was rumored to also have a few of its population but its uncommon to see them there.

The Patas Monkeys  have very long tails. They can grow up to 87 centimeters tall but their tails alone accounts for 70 or more centimeters of their total body height.

Their Omnivorous nature keeps them feeding on gum, seeds, tubers and insects. They are not herbivorous like most apes. This is one of the facts that make them unique.

Patas Monkeys live in groups of 10 – 12 with one alpha male. The male only stays in the group consistently through out but during the breeding seasons, more males join the group because the females need to reproduce.

The Juvenile males reach their sexual maturity at 4 years. When this time comes, they flee their natal groups and go on to join other male groups. When the breeding season comes, they choose to return to their natal group or join other groups where they can reproduce from.

If you are looking for a challenge, include this species on your bucket list. You will not spot them easily unless you get lucky.

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