How to Check Availability of Rwanda Gorilla Permits & Book Online

How to Check Availability of Rwanda Gorilla Permits & Book Online

Want to check availability or book Rwanda gorilla permits online? Rwanda has simplified things for everyone including tourists. Much as it is possible to check Rwanda permits availability online and purchase them using your credit card, i would still advise you delegate this process to a trusted Rwanda tour operator. I will explain the reasons later on in this article.

This same system can also be used to check availability of Chimpanzee trekking permits, Golden Monkey trekking permits, canopy walk permits, Bisoke hike permits, Karisimbi hike permits, Dian Fossey permits and many more activities.

The online availability system works fine only that you will have to visit another website to make payments for your reservations.

Being a luxury gorilla trekking destination, Rwanda gorilla permits cost $1500 each. If this is too expensive for you, you can book Uganda gorilla safaris from Kigali for a more budget experience.

In this article, i show you how to check and boon gorilla permits for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

How to check Rwanda permits availability online

So how do we check Rwanda gorilla permits online? The procedure is quite simple. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 – Visit
  • Step 2 – Where you see site, choose “Volcanoes National Park” (The place where Rwanda gorillas are found).
  • Step 3 –  Where you see products, choose “Mountain Gorillas”.
  • Step 4 – Choose your dates from the right section.
  • Step 5 – Click on “Check Availability”.

The system will then return you a list of available gorilla permits for the specified dates. Please note that you will have to go through the same steps to check availability for other products. All you have to change is the site and product.

So you just checked availability of your gorilla permits, what next? How about booking them? Like mentioned earlier, its better you go through these recommended Rwanda travel companies or any that you find online and not do everything yourself. There is so much to organizing a trip that buying permits.

However, if you would like to go ahead and pay for your permits online using a credit card, you can follow the steps below.

How to book Rwanda gorilla permits online

Now that you know how to check the online availability of gorilla permits in Rwanda, you can follow the steps below to book them.

  • Step 1 – Visit this link.
  • Step 2 – Click on “Buy Permit”.
  • Step 3 – Under Site, choose “Volcanoes National Park”
  • Step 4 – Under Product, Choose “Mountain Gorillas”.
  • Step 5 – Under Date of Visit, choose your proffered tracking date.
  • Step 6 – Choose number of persons
  • Step 7 – Choose the number of trekking days (If you are seeing gorillas only once, do not change anything in this field)
  • Step 8 – Choose visitor Category
  • Step 9 – Change your notification more to email. Only Rwandans are allowed to receive notification via SMS.
  • Step 10 – Click on Save & Next
  • Step 11 – Fill in the “Visitor Details” form accordingly and click on “Add”. Repeat the same process until all your details are entered i.e if you are six in total, you have to fill in the form 6 times; each with details of each member of your team. After your done, click on “Save & Next” and you should see a summary of your application.
  • Step 12 – Click on “Submit”.
  • Step 13 – Choose Payment Method (please note that only Visa & Mastercard are accepted).
  • Step 14 – Enter in your card number and Pay for your permit
  • Step 15 – Once payment is done. Check your email and you should see a confirmation of your purchase.

You will have to print the Rwanda gorilla permit details sent to your via email confirming your application and present it to park wardens on the day of tracking.

You can also use the same document to support your visa application for Rwanda or present it anywhere in Rwanda to confirm you are a tourist.

My Advise

Very few tour operators will disclose to you the entire process of booking Rwanda gorilla permits online because they want you to book through them.

Actually i recommend booking your safari through a tour operator especially pregnant mothers who want to trek gorillas. Much as the Rwandan government has simplified everything for you, do not think you are too wise to organize your safari independently unless you have lived or worked in Rwanda for a couple of years.

I have encountered a few situations where tourists get into trouble and there is no one to look up to apart from the government. As we all know, government things can mean to be too slow and could cost you a lot in a few occasions.

Besides, going through a Rwanda travel company will make your safari cheaper if only you take time to identify an operator that will organize an affordable safari for you. I have selected gorilla trekking companies that organize very affordable tours in Uganda, Rwanda and East Africa at large.

Tour operators are given discounts on accommodation facilities. A good example is Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge where you are likely to pay $1000 per person if you book by yourself and about $600 – $700 when you book through an operator.

Also when you book in a group of 10, you will get 1 gorilla permit free. Your operator can sell this and divert the money to your trip or give it to you if you can get an eleventh person to join you.

Travel companies will also give you the exact estimate for transportation (fuel and vehicle) and will bargain where necessary to make it more affordable for you.

Lastly, i will talk about safety and time spend driving. You will feel much safer in a customized 4×4 tourist vehicle under the accompaniment of a guide.

Always book your Rwanda safaris through a tour operator. My recommended list of Rwandan tour operators is a good place to start from. Alternatively, you can also search for operators online. Only difference is i personally travel with all the companies i recommend on my blog hence, i am certain they will organize a good safari for you.

Any questions about booking Rwanda gorilla permits online? Please get in touch with me and i will avail all the information to you.

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