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Luxury Gorilla Trekking: A Flawless Experience

Elevating your gorilla safaris to a state of great elegance with the best luxury gorilla tour operators will leave a mark in your soul. Also referred to as Abercrombie and Kent gorilla trekking, a luxury gorilla trekking experience is one you can hardly forget.

Considering mountain gorillas are only found in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo, you can never forget such an experience because it is unique and so rare to come across.

I have traveled within East Africa for so many years and i confirm my experience with gorillas ranks among my best.

If you are thinking of booking a Uganda luxury safari to the gorillas, consider staying at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge or Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp. The rest of the luxurious gorilla safari lodges are good too but these two in particular are over the hook.

For Rwanda, I recommend staying at Bisate Lodge or Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge for high-end luxury and Mountain Gorilla View Lodge for a low end luxurious experience.

Going luxury is the best way to handle pregnancy gorilla trekking scenarios.

In this article, i present how a luxury experience with gorillas feels like and why you should book one today. I also list out some of the best gorilla trekking companies you can trust with your luxury holiday in Uganda or Rwanda.

In general, i guide you on how you can book the best upmarket tour to the gorillas.

What does booking luxury gorilla safaris feel like?

Awesome, hustle free and memorable. These three words best describe how luxury gorilla trekking feels like. Imagine flying to and from Bwindi, staying in a lodge like Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge or Bisate Lodge and getting driven in luxurious safari land cruisers? You can never get enough of such an experience.

The kind of safari you book also matters. Your tour operator might not offer you a safari that matches a luxury level.

They can instead offer you an upper mid-range package hence, when a company sends you a tour plan, endeavor to check out each accommodation facility on your package to confirm its level. You can go ahead and check the prices as well.

And again, never allow your operator to run your luxury safari in a safari van. All luxury trips are run by flights and 4×4 safari land cruisers.

Luxurious experiences by country

Each gorilla trekking country has its own unique experience. The luxury gorilla trekking Uganda experience is not the same as the luxury gorilla trekking Rwanda experience or luxury gorilla trekking Congo experience. I will try to break down what each country has to offer.

Ugandan Experiences

Ugandan luxury experiences are one of an kind. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is blessed with so many top notch gorilla safari lodges.

The only problem with Uganda is the distance to reach Bwindi. Even when you book Uganda gorilla trekking from Kigali, you will need at least four – five hours to reach Bwindi.

The easiest way is hiring scheduled or private charter flights. Flights can reach Bwindi in 2 hours or less hence, saving you lots of driving time.

Its should also be noted that Uganda luxury safaris are way cheaper than Rwanda’s. If you do not want to spend much on a luxury safari, Uganda can be a great option.

Luxury options offer the best gorilla trekking Uganda experience. Strongly consider it.

Rwandan Experiences

Rwanda is a great place for luxury gorilla trekking. Their gorillas are easy to access. Volcanoes National Park is just two hours away from Kigali by road and less than 15 minutes away by helicopter flights.

Besides, Rwanda has far better luxury lodges than Uganda. No gorilla safari lodge in Uganda matches the level of Bisate or Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge.

A Rwanda gorilla permit costs $1500 and they have the same gorillas as Uganda. In fact, they have less gorillas than Uganda much as they claim to have more.

Gorilla trekking Rwanda prices might be high but totally worth it.

The gorilla permit fee you pay goes back to the gorillas. It is used to conserve them and help them grow in numbers.

Since 2018, mountain gorillas are no longer an endangered species as their numbers surpassed 1000. A big thanks to all the people that trekked gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

Gorilla trekking is the best way of giving back to the gorillas. Only a small portion of the fee benefits the community around.

Congo Experiences

Congo is claimed to resume operations in 2019 when Virunga Foundation hires an international security agency to safe guard the park from rebels and militia groups.

Congo permits cost only $400. The best luxury lodge in Congo apparently is Mikeno Lodge. You should consider staying there on your luxury safari.

Only visit Congo when the Ugandan or Rwandan options are not available. The country has a lot of informal rules that affects foreign tour operators at times.

How to book an unforgettable luxury gorilla tour

By now you should be knowing what a luxury gorilla experience feels like. Now its time to let you know of the few factors that are likely to affect your luxury safari. I will also advise on how to book a good gorilla trekking package for a good price.

Choose the right accommodation. If you are booking a luxury trip then you have to settle with a package that has the best accommodation. Do not settle for any mid-range lodge as some tour operators provide this to you. Try to book the most expensive gorilla safari lodge if possible.

Such lodges are expensive but will make you feel the worth of what you have paid for.

Means of transportation. If you are trekking Uganda gorillas, you have to minimize your time of travel. I would not advise arriving through Rwanda and trekking bwindi gorillas unless you feel like. The best option is booking a scheduled or chartered flight. It takes only 2 hours to reach Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Which company matters most. Going luxury does not necessarily mean booking your safari with a big brand. Such companies will charge you almost triple than what you would have paid for through a local based tour operator. These gorilla safari companies organize luxury gorilla trips at good prices.

Destination. Uganda and Rwanda both offer good gorilla trekking experiences. You can visit any of the countries for a luxurious experience. Only advantage Rwanda has over Uganda is the short distance between Kigali and Volcanoes National Park in Musanze (Approximately 2 hours or less).

Best place to go

For a luxury experience i would recommend Uganda over Rwanda. If you book flights for your luxury gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, you will set off with a scenic tour.

Whilst you fly, you will have an areal view of Uganda’s countryside for 2 hours before landing.

This is a good way to spark off your gorilla experience.

In terms of comfort, i suggest you go with Rwanda and stay at Bisate Lodge or Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge if possible.

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