Car Rental in Uganda

Car Rental in Uganda

Looking for the best car rental Uganda services? Renting 4×4 cars in Uganda can save you lots of money on your safaris since you will not need services of a tour guide or pay a tour operator mark up charge. You will be driving by yourself and visiting destinations that you wish.

The self drive Uganda experience became much friendly since the launch of Google Maps in 2005. You can get all the routing and estimate distances online and plan your self drive safaris in Uganda pretty well even for first timers in Uganda.

For car hire or rental services in Uganda, contact these recommended Uganda tour operators.

If you are a non resident that prefers to have a self drive Uganda tour then there are a few points you should put into consideration.

A self drive tour is never a good choice. Tour guides have experience and know so many routes. They have encountered various situations too and always know a way out.

This is not something a first time should encounter. I will just give two common situations that might cause you to get stuck.

The first is the seasonal flooding at Murchison Falls National Park’s Tangi Gate. This gate is found in the northern side of the park and becomes almost inaccessible during rainy seasons. The road to the gate gets flooded that no car can cross over except if you take a big risk.

The rate of accidents at the park is also high as the roads are not good. So many non-tour cars get accidents at the park because they do not know how to drive on such roads well.

Another is the bad roads to Rushaga Sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park during rainy seasons. The main road gets flooded and becomes inaccessible. The alternate route could be going through Nkuringo Sector and back to Rushaga but its mostly guides who know about this.

So question is, what if you get stuck? Only book self drive tours to cities and towns but not national parks. If you are planning to visit any national park then i suggest you book a full package from a tour operator to avoid any issues with your trip.

Car Rental Uganda Services

There are so many companies in Uganda that offer car rental services. Most of these are tour and travel companies except for a few who have not ventured into tourism. You can see some of them here.

The average price per day depends on how many days you are renting the car for, the number of people, necessity of guides and the type of car you are renting.

You are not going to rent a Toyota Rav4 at the same price as a Toyota Land Cruiser. Depending on the company you use, the rates still vary and depend so much on your bargaining power.

Dealing with a reputable company always guarantees you cars in the best conditions. You do not want to deal with a operator who will rent out a non serviced car that often breaks down on the road.

Always rent new vehicles. The series of the number plate should be recent. You should also request your operator to send you several photos of the car they are renting out in advance before making any financial commitments.

4×4 Uganda Car Hire

Ugandan roads are not good especially when driving away from cities or to national parks. You will need a 4×4 safari vehicle to avoid any scenarios related to vehicles getting stuck in mud.

4×4 cars have two engines. If the behind tires get stuck in mud then the front tires can push the car forward to your rescue. Such cars hardly get stuck in mud, reason why i strongly recommend them.

Only hire 2×2 Uganda cars when you are sure the weather is dry or rather want to only drive along highways. But still, if the price of a 4 wheel drive car is no different from that of a 2 wheel car then its better you go with the 4wd car as its much better.

Book 4×4 Uganda cars with these Uganda safari companies.

Best time to book Self Drive Safaris

When planning to visit Uganda for self drive safaris, timing is everything. You ought to plan your safari for the best months which are June through to September and December to February.

April is apparently the worst month to visit Uganda. It has the highest amount of rainfall in a year.

However, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where traveling in one of the rainy months is the only chance you got. Could be a sponsored vacation or perhaps your time of work leave hence, leaves you with no option. So what do you in such scenarios?

Truth is Uganda is one of the best countries to live in when it comes to weather. Even the month with the worst rainfall still has sunshine during some hours of the days. You can even go for 5 days without seeing rain during such months.

This is why Uganda is called an all year round safari destination. You can visit anytime of the year but people choose to travel in particular months to eliminate any chances of encountering rain during their safaris. This is recommended because rain can mess things up sometimes and make you miss out on a few activities.

To avoid all this, you have to book your safari during the dry season.

Wrapping it up

Just as earlier said, do not book self drive tours to national parks unless you have visited them personally before and have adequate information regarding the routing, weather, policies and more. This is a very strong point that you should consider to avoid landing yourself in problems.

Wildlife tours come with a lot of risks and in no case will the tourism body be responsible for such. They have laid down several rules and procedures that ought to be followed and if not adhered to then any risks that arise from your actions will solely be your responsibility.

If you have any questions about self drive tours in Uganda, contact me or comment below.

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