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Rwanda Tour Operators, Safari Companies

Rwanda tour operators are many but it becomes hard to point out the genuine ones. Are you searching for genuine and experienced Rwanda tours and travel operators?

Being one of the best places to see mountain gorillas in Africa, so many visitors flock Rwanda each year for safaris. We present to you some of the best Rwanda safari companies that should help you spark off your tours and travel adventure.

Best Rwanda Safari Companies

  1. Bwindi Uganda Gorilla Safaris
  2. Standard Gorilla Safaris
  3. Uganda Safaris Adventure
  4. The Gorilla Tour
  5. African Gorilla Tours Rwanda
  6. Gorillaland Safari Holidays
  7. Gorilla Riddles
  8. Safari Empire

Dealing with genuine Rwanda tours and travel operators can save you a lot and keep you confident. The problem comes when you are trying to find one. I will show you exactly how you can cite out  the best Rwanda tour companies to handle your safari.

To save you the hustle, i have listed some of the Rwanda travel companies above that i have personally traveled with in the past. Inquire with any of them and expect a good package for your trip.

Ask so many questions if you can but trust their service. I say this again, i have personally traveled with each of the companies on the above list of tour operators in Rwanda. I regularly monitor their respective TripAdvisor pages for any bad reviews and in case of any, i blacklist them. This way i am able to maintain a quality list of Rwanda travel operators that you can confide in for an awesome safari holiday.

Whether you are booking Kigali to Bwindi gorilla trekking safaris or gorilla trekking safaris that start from Entebbe in Uganda and end in Rwanda, these companies can organize that for you.

These operators also organize lifetime budget gorilla trekking and luxury gorilla trekking safaris. They also organize trips for special cases like pregnancy gorilla trekking.

Who is the best Rwanda tour operator?

The very first thing you should rule out from your mind is assuming big brands offer extra ordinary services compared to small brands. This might be true to some extent because such Rwanda travel companies take a lot of measures to maintain their brand name in the industry.

You will end up spending more than expected if you opt for them.

Even the small industry dogs have the capacity to organize better trips that the big dogs. Most of the proprietors of small Rwanda safari companies have at least worked with a few big companies in the past and have experience.

I will show you exactly how you can evaluate a small Rwanda tour and travel company to determine their authenticity. Mind more about the package. Driving routes, services, prices and activities matter more.

If a Rwanda safari company offers you a package that you like, go ahead and book it. Do not mind so much about pricing, Africa is generally an expensive place and by the time you think of visiting it you should be ready to spend on it.

If your main interest is mountain gorilla trekking, check out this list of gorilla trekking companies for Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

What to avoid when choosing a Travel Company for Rwanda

There are two factors i want to emphasize here. Do not ask too many questions and do not bargain too much. These two points can lead you to a Rwanda tour operator that will not deliver the kind of services that will meet your preference.

The irony is, when you think too much, so many factors are likely to influence your decision making. Send out your inquiry, make any requests if need be and if satisfied with the package, go ahead and make a deposit to book it. The percentage of deposits varies according to operators. This mainy helps Rwanda safari companies to purchase trekking permits if need be and make tentative reservations on accommodation facilities.

Also avoid sending money to personal bank accounts. Only send money to company bank accounts that correspond with the name of the operator you are dealing with. All registered Rwanda tours and travel operators have company bank accounts that they use for receiving money from clients.

Avoid settling for very basic accommodation facilities as not all of them are up to standard. Look, no one want to sleep in a room with weak beds, broken sinks, leakages and so goes the list. Try to request for mid-range facilities at worst.

So many Rwandan tour operators have partnerships with such comfortable lodges that affords them confidential rates. They will definitely quote for you based on such offers so as to lower your final cost. At least i have noticed this before.

Last rule of thumb, too cheap is too risky and too expensive should be cautioned. Try and settle in between.

What you should do when choosing a Travel Operator

If you get a recommendation from a friend, go with what they say. Referrals are simply very strong. However, if you decide to go on a search, try to identify 5 tours and travel operators and inquire with all of them.

When you get feed back from the tour companies in Rwanda, try compare their prices, facilities, services, routes and engagement. Every one wants an affordable package that comes with outstanding facilities and services. Consider driving routes as well else you will end up spending more time travelling that carrying out activities.

Always give your top priority to the most responsive operators. This shows they are likely to keep in touch even throughout your safari. Stay away from a Rwanda tour agency that takes long to respond to your queries.

Most important of all, check for company reviews on TripAdvisor. This is a perfect place to read about the respective experiences clients had with your Rwanda tour company in the past. If there are more bad reviews than good reviews, you simply have to think otherwise about dealing with that Rwanda tour operator or you risk facing disappointments.

Strongest Consideration

Communication is everything here. As always said, the first impression matters most. The Rwanda tours and travel consultant that responds best and fastest should be your top pick on condition that their prices favor your pockets. A good consultant should make you feel secure and comfortable with their replies.

I always book my safaris with tour companies that respond fastest with good packages. I do mind but do not mind so much about the price ratio because i hardly want my experiences to be ruined because of small price differences.

Should a tour operator be registered with RTTA (Rwanda Tours and Travel Association)?

Well, i would say this shouldn’t be a must. So many Ugandan tour operators operate their tours in Rwanda even when they are not registered with RTTA ( The same applies to Uganda as well. If the TripAdvisor reviews are excellent then why not book?

Wrapping it up

Rwanda is a very awesome place to visit. You will definitely fall in love with its mountains, hills and history. I recently wrote a Rwanda gorilla trekking review article. You might have to look at it. This guide should help you identify a good Rwanda tourism and travel agency.

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    Rwanda, is an extraordinary tourism destination, full of impressive tropical rainforest and volcanic scenery, trekking, and one of the few best places in the world to see the mountain gorillas.

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