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Congo Safari Companies & Travel Operators

Want to visit DRC Congo for an expedition? Find a list of experienced Congo safari companies and tour operators for your next adventure. These Congo tour and travel operators offer very price sensitive tour packages to a few safari parks that are open for tourism. The Congo tourism industry is one of the best on the continent only that very few safari parks are safe and open for tourism.

Best Congo Safari Operators

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Most of these Congo tour operators offer Congo safaris from Rwanda. You arrive from Rwanda, transfer to Congo and depart from Rwanda after. Due to the political instability, these safari companies may be limited to operate in only a few destinations that are safe and open for tourism. Some of these include Virunga National Park, Kahuzi Biega National Park, Mount Nyiragongo and a few other attractions within the surrounding areas.

If your main reason for visit is gorilla trekking, see these mountain gorilla trekking specialists. I listed them separate because their main priority is organizing mountain gorilla safaris in Congo, Rwanda and Uganda.

The recommended companies organize both budget gorilla trekking and luxury gorilla trekking safaris in Congo.

Choosing the best operator for your next safari

Below are some of those vital factors you should consider whilst choosing an operator to handle your expedition in DRC Congo. It is advisable to send out inquiries to at least five of them, compare prices plus other factors and then settle with one that favors you in all kinds of ways.


Congo is a very unpredictable country and experience does matter a lot. Your Congo tour operator should be experienced enough to plan your safari well else you will keep getting obstacles along the way. They should know the safe routes to use, how to handle security checks along the way and plan your distance well and accordingly. If an operator has carried out 10 or more trips in Congo then they should have enough experience to handle your trip without issues.

Package offered

This should be your biggest consideration because it is what you are going to experience. A good tour package has less driving time, more time for activities, at least standard facilities, it is affordable and provides the best experience.

Congo is a very big country and if your safari isn’t planned well, you will end up spending more time driving than carrying out activities or you will drive for long hours and feel tired to carry out activities. The distance should be short so that you are always in good shape for your next activity.


There is no point getting cheated for a package that costs less. Costing a package is not easy and takes a lot of experience. The price has to favor you and shouldn’t be too high for the kind of services offered.

It is kind of hard to determine how much a package will cost especially when you inquire with one or two Congo safari operators. When you inquire with multiple of them, you will get to know a range where your safari will fall and this way decision making becomes pretty much simple.


Reputation should be a strong consideration too only that highly reputable companies usually charge high for their services. Surprisingly, sometimes their services are not even good or any different from the one you will get from average operators.

When inquiring, do not base too much on company reputation but do consider a few other factors as well. If a small operator gives you a good package with good pricing and short driving distances, go ahead and confirm it. Most of the proprietors of these SME tour business have either worked with big companies before or are working with them hence, they always have the necessary experience.

You can only tell this if they offer you a good tour package. The ones who have less or no experience usually quote very high or very low depending on the circumstance.

First touch

We have seen cases of clients going on their trips and tour operators do not even bother to check on them until departure. This is not good. You can easily tell how an operator is going to handle you from the first touch.

Some Congo safari companies will maintain a high level of responsiveness right from your inquiry till you confirm. They will always be helpful throughout. Such operators are likely to maintain contact with you to find out how things are going on in your trip.

When a Congo tour operator makes you feel comfortable and learned with immediate responses, keep them high on your list.

Over to you

I have travelled with all the companies listed above and I guarantee their services are very good. Their Congo safari packages are very price sensitive and offer standard facilities. Try them out and see what comes out.

In case you insist of doing your search manually, you can use the criteria above to identify a good Congo tour operator for your forthcoming expedition.

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