Is Uganda safe for Americans

Is Uganda safe for Americans?

Despite being a safe country, is Uganda safe for Americans? So many Americans get worried about their safety in the country BUT truth is, we may defer or contradict in laws but when it comes to hospitality, no one is unsafe in Uganda.

Even the worst race will still be welcomed and treated well in a way that very few will mind about their stay in the country. Uganda is definitely a very safe country for Americans, hence, if you are thinking of traveling for a safari then you better keep your focus only on getting a visa, booking a safari (if necessary) and getting the requirements for your safari / holiday in Uganda ready.

Part of the success in the tourism industry contributes to the safety and willingness to allow almost every race in the country. Uganda receives a lot of tourists especially Dutch nationalities, Americans, British, East African Residents and some Arabs.

Note: For clients booking Uganda gorilla tours from Kigali, you will question yourself about safety in Uganda and Rwanda because you are bound to visit both countries. Both countries are very safe for tourism and you can visit any time.

The country is so used to seeing tourists each and every other year who are treated well by tour operators and also provided some level of protection by Uganda Wildlife Authority and organizations like Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO). Some people have gone ahead to refer to Uganda as the only home to a foreigner among st all countries in the world.

What makes Uganda a very safe country for Americans? The Ugandan government believes so much in the safety of visitors to Uganda plus its own citizens too. The security level is quite high policemen showing presence almost everywhere.

These include traffic officers, security policemen and tourism police who struggle so hard each and every other day to ensure that tourists and visitors are safe.

Despite all these security measures, you are not allowed to own any weaponry in Uganda without permission from the security. And besides, it is not easy to own a gun in Uganda with extremely few people owning such privileges.

Despite Uganda being a safe place for Americans, there are still some general problems you have to undertake. These problems apply to all other races who visit Uganda for safaris and some of them include; petty theft, credit card fraud, over charging plus more which can all be avoided if you follow and comply with our general security and safety guidelines.

When you travel to Uganda? Just ensure to feel at home and feel relaxed to the maximum. Uganda is unsafe to no one and safe to every one regardless of race and nationality.

If you still feel insecure after reading this fine-print then drop us a mail by contacting us and all we guarantee that all your security concerns will be attended to.

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