How Many Humans Would it take to Beat a Gorilla

How Many Humans Would it take to Beat a Gorilla

Want to know how many men it would take to beat a gorilla? A gorilla’s strength is equivalent to that of 12 strongest humans on earth. Their bones are thrice longer, stronger and thicker than that of humans.

It even becomes hard for 12 men to take down a Silverback gorilla because there is no way you can combine your strength. Each of you would have to play their own part and fight separately.

Not even 12 men can remove a gorilla’s hands from a human’s neck if it were choking you or split its jaws if it were biting someone. The best you can do is try to divert its attention so that it attacks someone else.

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By sight, you will get to see how hard it is for humans to beat a gorilla.

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Would 5 or 10 humans beat 1 gorilla?

If the strength of 10 to 12 strongest humans beings in the world would be combined into one person’s then that person would stand a chance of defeating a gorilla in a fight.

Unfortunately, this is impossible hence, 5 to 12 human beings cannot defeat a gorilla in a fight.

With the ability to break a human hand with little or no ease, a gorilla is a very big threat to humans when fighting. They have a tendency of fighting one person at a time hence, will terminate you one by one.

The only scenario where 10 or 12 humans can stand a chance is when they are armed. They can win the battle but not all of them will come out of it alive. Most of them will lose their lives in the fight.

Mountain Gorillas are very peaceful animals that hardly fight unless they have a strong reason to. They behave differently and occasionally threaten their opponents to scare them away.

Acts like looking a gorilla straight in the eye will cause them to charge at you.

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