How to Get a Free Gorilla Permit in Uganda or Rwanda

Did you know you can get a free gorilla permit in Uganda and Rwanda? This is very possible and i will show you what exactly you need to do to get one at no cost. Please note that this only applies to Rwanda and Uganda.

There is currently no way of getting a free gorilla permit in Congo but just in case i come across something that’s working, i will definitely update this article.

A gorilla permit costs $1500 in Rwanda and $600 in Uganda. Getting one or two free can save you a lot of money that you instead divert to accommodation or booking your flights. Not so many tour operators will disclose this to you or perhaps offer such to clients.

Fee free to book your gorilla permits through these recommended Rwanda travel companies, Uganda travel companies or gorilla trekking operators.

Please note that not all of these recommended operators offer free gorilla permits but still, i will point out the few that have such offers in place and under what terms they effect them. If you prefer to arrive through Rwanda, its recommended to book Uganda gorilla trekking safaris from Kigali as its much easier to get a Ugandan permit that a Rwandan gorilla permit.

Alternatively, you can also book gorilla tours that start from Entebbe. Only request for Rwanda if you are more that 10 people.

How to get a free Uganda gorilla permit

Our partner tour operator offer a free Uganda gorilla permits for every 10 gorilla permits you buy hence, if you are eleven people in a group, the eleventh person will get a free permit. If your 22 people, you get 2 permits free and so goes on.

The tour operator also offers a free gorilla permit for each 15 days plus trip that you book with them. If you would like to claim such offers, feel free to contact us here: and we shall link you to them.

How to get a free gorilla permit in Rwanda

For every 10 gorilla permits you buy in Rwanda, Rwanda Development Board gives back 1 free. Tour operators usually do not communicate to clients about such offers. Since you have the information already, you can go ahead and claim for your free Rwanda gorilla permit when you book in a group of 10 pax or more.

I have figured out a few Rwandan tour companies that will give you back your free gorilla permit. You can contact me for more information regarding this. I will avail the list to you right away via email.

Now that you know how to get a free gorilla permit in Uganda and Rwanda, go ahead and claim yours. The Ugandan option depends on the tour operator you are dealing with but the Rwandan option applies to all operators.

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