Is Uganda safe for Indians

Is Uganda safe for Indians?

Is Uganda safe for Indians? Are you an Indian planning to travel to Uganda for a safari, holiday, honeymoon, visit or rather work but worried about your safety in the country? Uganda is a very safe country for Indians and everyone else and you shouldn’t resist to pay it a visit at any cost. Ugandans are very welcoming to all nationals and will definitely do the same for you especially if you are a tourist and besides, everyone here minds their own business and won’t be concerned much about however long you stay in the country.

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Despite the safety, Uganda has a very dark past for Indians because of the 1972 incident that saw former president, the late Iddi Amin Dada expel all Indians (approximately 80,000 indians) from the country to gain ownership of their property and businesses in claims that they were milking the economy. Very many Indians fled the country during this period and some who couldn’t afford means back home had to take their lives in fear of being executed. This has never left the hearts of Indians till now and has a few worried. This is not the case at the moment because current president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has managed to patch all that and cover the wounds that were left in the hearts of many Indians ever since he stepped foot in power (1986).

Uganda currently has the highest percentage of citizens who are Indians. in fact, Indians make up the biggest percentage of foreigners in the country of which most of them have gone ahead to bear kids with Ugandan nationals. The shocker is the fact that the richest man in Uganda and East Africa, Sudhir Ruparelia is an Indian with a lot of property and investments in the country.

Uganda safe for Indians
Sudhir Ruparelia, The richest man in Uganda and East Africa


There are how many Indians in Uganda? So many indians live in Uganda and like said previously, they dominate the biggest percentage of foreigners apparently. The numbers are big.

Are there jobs in Uganda for Indians? Uganda is a very free country and one thing i have noticed is they won’t discriminate you even during interviews for as long as you have appropriate academic papers. I would say Indians are not so selfish and usually help each other implicating chances are high that a fellow indian will help you get employment. However, i recommend carrying at least 100,000 Rupees to enable you start a descent business that should earn you at least 10,000 Rupees monthly as a backup.

Are there people of Ugandan Indian residence in Uganda? There are so plenty but hard to find. Most of them live in Old Kampala, Mengo and Bakuli. i personally have a few friends who are of the same residence.

Are there Indian schools in Uganda? Indian schools are one of the best schools though most of them focus on Cambridge. There are so many Indian schools in Uganda and some of them include; Kampala Parents School, Nakasero Primary School, Kampala International School Uganda (KISU), Galaxy International School Uganda (GISU), Victoria University plus many others.

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Is there Indian food in Uganda? So many restaurants in Uganda offer specifically Indian food. Not just one or two but plenty of them. If you like eating Pakora, Saag paneer, Tandoori chicken, Chana masala, Chicken korma and the likes then i guarantee you will find all this food in Uganda.

How about Indian companies in Uganda. There are so many Indian companies in Uganda and most of them date as far as 1960 before the 1972 expulsion. More companies have gone ahead to be opened up by Indians and there are doing quite well. Sudhir himself has hundreds of companies, businesses and property dispersed all over Uganda most especially within Kampala. His previous bank investment, Crane Bank that recently got purchased by DFCU has over 50 branches all over the country. I would say Indians are great entrepreneurs and i myself have landed across a number of them who have managed to build very successful businesses in the country.

How is Indians life in Uganda? So many Indians live in the country and majority of them run businesses such as cosmetic shops, jewelry shops, fabric shops, supermarkets and so on. The percentage is dominated by Indians from Gujarat implicating you are likely to find so much of a glimpse of Gujarati culture in this country.

Have any other questions? Simply drop a comment below and i guarantee you will get the best answer from me otherwise, if anyone told you Uganda is unsafe for Indians then you have all your answers in this article. Indians not only visit Uganda for safaris BUT also live here, run businesses and have families here. And besides, the fact that Museveni will not be President forever doesn’t mean anything either because it is very uncertain that any future leaders will use the same approach as Idi Amin’s did in 1972. Planning a visit to Uganda for a safari? I managed to list down some of the best safari companies in Uganda that will plan for you a memorable trip. I also came up with a guide to help you book your safari with less hustle.

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  1. Ravi


    I would like to where indians live in Kampala? Are they scaterred over Kampala or are there sone particular areas or districts where they dwell?

  2. Mike Okello

    Yes! Kampala is very safe and free for all nationals. Everyone minds their own business here. Stay away from women you find in Night Clubs.

  3. Ram mohan Rao. B

    I am planning to stay in Kampala I need single bed room which area is good to stay in town I need reasonable price like 200 $ Pls you can suggest me

    1. Mike Okello

      $200 can get you a good apartment with 2 bed rooms and 2 bathrooms. Please call +256775134714

  4. Priyanshu

    Hello there,
    I have got a recruitment offer from kampala. I have discussed it with my friends and they said health issues in kampala are the main problem.
    Is it true?
    Please let me know

    1. Mike Okello

      Hello Priyanshu! Health in Kampala is not a problem. May be your friends do not want you to come. Kampala is very safe from diseases. You should only be careful with the girls you meet at bar hangouts at night. Most of them are hookers. The prevalence of HIV in Kampala is about 25% so ensure you play it safe always. Otherwise, you are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚


    hi all,
    Good Afternoon,
    i am planning to go uganda for job purposes. after few days i want to shift there with my spouse and child . is it suitable to survive there for all purposes like child education and other facilities.

    1. Mike Okello

      Kampala is a very safe place Lelin. Its a home away from home and you will feel very secure here. Everyone here minds their own business and they are very welcoming to foreigners. So feel free! Should you need any kind of help when you are in Kampala, please get in touch with me and i will guide you ๐Ÿ™‚


    Thanks Mike .
    The company told me to pay of 750us$ after deducting of all expenses like acomodation, hospital exp,car,transport , etc.

    is it sufficient to survive there??
    Please suggest??

    1. Mike Okello

      That money is too much to survive here. You need about $200 monthly to live a basic comfortable life in Uganda. So that is pretty much enough.

  7. Sanjay Kumar Nath

    Hi Mike, First of all thanks for the great blog.
    I have a question for you, i have been considered for a job and they do not offerany benefits such as accomodation, child education, health insurance, bonus etc. So what do you think will be a a good salary after tax deductions (net salary) for a person like me having 10 years of experience in sales. I have plans to bring my wife and child. I will look forward to your valuable answer

    1. Mike Okello

      Hello Sanjay! You need about $250 (Rent & Meals) per month for living a moderate life here in Uganda. Education and insurance have options and you can always choose what favors you most. Your kind of experience attracts a salary of $1000 plus. However, this depends on the company employing you.

  8. Mike Okello

    Hello Moorthy! Such companies are here in Uganda but quite few. With your kind of experience, i am sure you will get an opportunity.

  9. sandeep

    Hello Mike
    I want to know how much US$ is sufficient for Room Rent +Child education +Monthly Ration. A company is offering me US$1500.

    1. Mike Okello

      $1500 is way too enough to live a comfortable life in Uganda. Please take that offer!

  10. Pramod

    I am an indian planning to do some investment in uganda. how the investment policies around there .is it so hard or liberal?

  11. K Hugar

    Is there any International School in Kapchorwa.
    I am thinking to relocate with my family.
    Looking school for my 11 years old daughter

    1. Mike Okello

      There is no international school in Kapchorwa. However, there are some good schools on Jinja

  12. RR

    I am planning for Uganda it safe to live and free form Dieases , Pls also guide as my company shifts me to Rwanda it safe

  13. vaibhav

    I am planning for Uganda it safe to live and free in Kamwokya, Kampala ..
    any suggestion

  14. Girish

    Hey Mike, hope ur doing good.. well i have been offered a job as Country manager, right now for 3 mothes i will be alone later i plan to bring in my family, but office guys, as this company basically from India, telling me it is not safe for family etc second, schooling is very expensive.. I had been in Kenya and Mozambique, so what would you suggest me can i bring in my family after 3-4 months and what is good salary ? son will be in 10th grade next years and daughter will be in 6th.. appreciate ur help man thanks

    +91-7067791153 whats app

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